Whether you are looking to trade your NFTs, cryptocurrencies, Digital art, services, or any other service, we provide a unified exchange powered by the metaverse that will enable ease of exchange.


We attempt to simplify the confusion that comes with the new metaverse paradigm by providing an interface that you are familiar with and that is easy to operate.

AMM Based Protocol

Our protocol is based on Automated Market Maker which replaces traditional order books by liquidity pools that are pre-funded on-chain for both assets of the trading pair. This also enables our early participants to earn passive income.


Participate in a decentralized financial marketplace that is open and accessible to everybody in the metaverse.



A Decentralized Platform

Democratized and Decentralized exchange of NFTs, Tokens, Services and cryptocurrencies

Participants can swap coins using our liquidity pool that makes swapping so easy. No need for all the hassles typically associated with swapping tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Participants can earn more tokens by or more AVAX by pooling funds in our liquidity pool and earning rewards from other participants borrowing from the liquidity pool.

Participants will be able to use our token to pay for services and goods bought and exchanged on the platform without any recourse to fiat.

Participants can list their NFTs for sale on our exchange ( in development) and have an easy and less-confusig interface to trade and barter for it.

Arvalex (AVRL) Token Features.

Holding and Staking our token has numerous benefits.

Snapshot: After a certain determined time, we will take a snapshot of participants in the project and distribute a commensurate reward to them.

First Option: In our subsequent development projects, our initial participants and supporters wil hav first options on our offerings then.

Exclusive Email List: Participating in our presale will make you eligible for our exclusive email list. We are firm belivers in equity and community-driven development, so we make sure to keep everyone on the same page as the community grows.

Audited and Transparent Smart Contract: Our smart contract that serves as the backbon of the project is currently being audited after which it will be further released for community scrutiny before the platform takes off.


Our Minimum Viable Product Features

Powered by Avalanche(AVAX) platform, ARVALEX Protocol is your passport into the exciting world of the metaverse.

Participants have access to the blazing speed of Avalanche with our protocol being built on top of it. Transactions are confirmed in seconds.

Deploy NFTs and other DeFi's that fit your own application needs. Build on top of our protocol and reap all the benefits provided by our platform while retaining full control of your project.

Earn rewards on our liquidity pool by staking without any risks of loosing your funds or not getting the commensurate rewards.

Enjoy transactional thoroughtput greater than 4,500 tps, with a proof-of-stake Sybil protection, and an 83% parameterized safety threshold.


With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.


Breakdown of our protocol roadmap

Start Time

15 November, 2021

Token Symbol


End Time

20 December, 2021

Tokens Offered

50.0 M

Soft Cap

10.0M AVRL


10.0M AVRL

Hard Cap

50.0M AVRL

Team Allocation


Development Allocation


Partnership Allocation


Ecosystem Fund Allocation


Liquidity Stake Allocation


Public Sale Allocation


Presale Allocation


Token Address


Arvalex is being developed with a clear roadmap and well thought out plans.


Download the whitepaper and learn about the Arvalex, it's unique approach to blockchain and platform problems.

White Paper
Official Press Release




Below we’ve provided answers to some questions you might have about the token sale and the underlying protocol. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with our team and we will be happy to asnwer all your questions.

What is the goal of the presale?

The goal of the presale is to raise funds for the devlopment of the platform. Read our white paper for more information about our plans.

Our vision of the future of the metaverse is one where the Avalanche blockchain plays a big role because of its speed and numerous other advantages.

Once the presale starts, navigate to our website, and click on the "Get Token" button to get started. Enter the amount of tokens you want to buy and make the necessary transfers to get assigned tokens.

The token is mainly for use in our the metaverse. It will be used to buy other tokens, buy NFTs, services, build DeFi applications and perform other transactions faster, cleaner, and better than other coins.

What are the accepted payment methods?

The tokens are bought and exchanged for Avalanche (AVAX) coins.

You will need an Avalanche-compatible wallet, Some AVAX in the wallet necessary to complete your purchase.

This feature is still in development.

No, there will be no lock-up for any of the tokens purchased in either the presale or the subsequent public sale.

Contact Us

We are always open and we welcome any questions you have for our team. If you wish to get in touch, please fill out the form below. Someone from our team will get back to you shortly and answer your questions.