How to participate
in the Presale

Depending on the wallet you are using, the first step is to buy AVAX Coins from a registered exchange. This can be by using Binance,Coinbase, Gemini or any other certified exchange.

Transferring the AVAX Token

The next step is to transfer the AVAX to your Sinzu Wallet. Sinzu is a simple, secure, non-custodial wallet for storing avalanche assets.
Sinzu wallet will be used to carry out transactions and interactions with the token.

Buying Arvalex

If you are on the AVAX main network, make payments to X-avax1dt9vu0vnldjv59njdg0jpnhs760y49vf8lvsuz and send us a message on our Telegram handle with your address as header and we will send the tokens to you.

If you are using a C-Chain Address, just go ahead and send the AVAX to our presale contract address 0x09bdf43147eA7F7D45f5730287614410Bc4c9Ec3 and the contract will credit you with the required number of tokens at our current exchange rate.